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RHS All-In Parent Letter 4.16.21

Dear RHS Families,

On Monday, April 26, Randolph High School will begin welcoming all students for five days of in-person learning. This means that there will no longer be any hybrid learning cohorts - students will either be in-person every day or working remotely everyday. As we prepare for this transition, we wanted to make sure to communicate a number of important things to you:

  1. New to the Building: We understand that, for some students, this will be their first time entering RHS this year. We will be working to make direct contact with any student who is coming into the building for the first time and offer any support and guidance they may need. Our administration and school counselors will be available throughout the day and week. 

  2. Bell Schedule: Our bell schedule will not change during this transition. All five classes will meet every day with five minute passing periods in-between. Remote students must follow the same schedule as in-person students and attend all classes when they are scheduled to meet. 

  3. Wednesdays: Students will now be coming to school every Wednesday. There will be four half days on Wednesdays through the rest of the school year - April 28, May 12, May 26, and June 9. Students at RHS will be dismissed at 11:10am on these half days.

  4. Student IDs: Students must bring their school-issued ID every day in order to receive breakfast and/or lunch. ID cards are scanned in the cafeteria and ensure less contact between individuals. If you do not have an ID you should email David Pierce -

  5. RPS-Issued Devices: At this point, almost every RHS student has an RPS-issued device. Personal student devices (laptops, cell phones, etc.) cannot access our WiFi. If you are coming into the building for the first time and need an RPS device please contact Joe Fernandes - - or stop by the main office on Monday morning when you arrive. There is a required $20 maintenance fee due in order to receive a device. 

  6. COVID Protocols: All of our current COVID protocols will remain in effect through the rest of the school year. Students must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times and teachers will provide mask breaks as needed. We will continue to utilize desks in our cafeteria at 6-feet distances to ensure student safety when they are eating without masks. Hallways and stairwells are all two-way directions for student passing times and students should stay to the right as they walk from class to class. Hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies and processes will continue to be utilized throughout the school day as we work to maintain a sanitary environment for everyone in the building. We will continue to monitor and communicate with our community whenever a positive case arises. 

We couldn’t be more excited to enter this new phase and continue to work towards some semblance of normalcy. Our primary goal as a school is to always provide a welcoming environment for all of our students and this transition to in-person learning every day is a huge step for us to be able to accomplish that goal. While it has been a difficult year for all of us we hope to finish strong and end the year on a positive note. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you.


Dr. Conard, Principal

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