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October 16th all 10th and 11th grade students will take the PSAT

On October 16th all 10th and 11th grade students will take the PSAT.  This test is administered once a year for sophomores and juniors. The purpose of the test is to provide:

-A baseline for college readiness

-The data for instructional planning to improve college and career readiness

-A reflection of what students are learning in their classrooms

-An assessment of students’ progress as they move through high school

-Excellent preparation and practice for the SAT that students will take in the spring of the junior year

The score report students receive will give specific information on strengths and weaknesses with recommendations for improving the SAT score. SAT scores are a major factor in college acceptances. Historically, students who take the PSAT do better on the SAT test, which can be considered for college admissions.

As with all exams, please make sure your student has a good breakfast and plenty of rest the night before. Remember the PSAT exam will take place on:

Wednesday, October 16th
7:20 am-10:55 am

Your child has received a booklet that contains a practice test to assist her/him. Please encourage the use of this testing aid. Thank you.