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Attention ! 2019 Randolph High School Seniors~2 New Scholarships available

Attention !

2019 Randolph High School Seniors

2 New Scholarships available

Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy (Qualified applicants could receive up to half of the annual tuition off) & QARI Youth Scholarship*(between $700 and $1,000)

* At least one of these scholarships will go to a student who first enrolled in school in the United States as an ELL student in the 9th grade or later.

It is still not too late to apply for the Fall semester this year now for this opportunity. 

Please feel free to contact the scholarship coordinators: Ms. Rigali ,  or Ms. Riccio at With any questions. 

  1. Eastern Nazarene College is nationally recognized and among the top colleges and universities locally, regionally and nationally. Its honors programs have over 90% acceptance rate into medical and law schools. QARI as one of the leading multi-service social organizations is working with RPS to expand higher education pathways to immigrant students who some time do not think going to a private liberal art college in Massachusetts could be affordable and an option for them to choose.

  2. QARI is pleased to announce that we will award 4-8 one-time scholarships in 2019 to eligible graduating seniors who have demonstrated outstanding service to their community. Those who apply do not have to be participants in QARI programs.