• Randolph Special Education Parent Advisory Council

  • SEPAC is a parent organization which works in conjunction with Randolph Public Schools dedicated to our families. Its purpose is to advice, strengthen and encourage open communication between the school district and parents of special education students.

    Membership is open to all parents/guardians of children with disabilities. Parent involvement is essential for student success. We encourage parents to serve as full partners in their child’s education. The SEPAC would like to work toward the understanding of, respect, support and appropriate education for all children with special needs in our community.

    For parents who have children with IEPs (Individualized Education Program) and who are interested in learning more about what this council does, please email: Randolph.SEPAC.Leadership@gmail.com

    Please feel free to contact the SEPAC Chair to ask a question, seek guidance or get involved. We want you to know that we are here to assist you. Parents who have faced similar challenges can be a resource for other parents. We believe that working together can resolve issues and become a voice for students within the special needs community.