RPS Redistricting Plan

  • Randolph School District

    Existing: The Donovan, JFK, and Young School buildings are not large enough to absorb all Lyons students

    New: Uses all available classroom spaces, Allows for increase in programs, Parity across all schools, Reduces overcrowding

    Existing FootPrintNew

    Donovan District

    ~ New district plan addresses overcrowding
    ~ 95% of students will be within 1.5-milewalking radius
    ~ Alleviates overcrowding


    Lyons District

    ~ North Randolph has a higher student enrollment
    ~ Shifts students to reduce overcrowding
    ~ Creates a stable and consistent enrollment for Lyons District

    Lyons at Devine

    ~ 75% of students will be within 1.5-mile walking radius
    ~ Alleviates overcrowding at Donovan


    JFK District

    ~ Supports the current overcrowding at Lyons
    ~ Better utilizes available space at JFK school building
    ~ 83% of students will be within 1.5-mile walking radius
    ~ Better use of existing classroom space across all schools


    Young District

    ~ Minor adjustment
    ~ Minimal impact to current District
    ~ Small chang eto add some students
    ~ Better use of existing classroom space across all schools


Improving the use of all of Randolph’s school buildings

    • More efficiently distributes to available spaces across the District
      • Relieves overcrowding at Donovan
      • Employs existing, under-utilized space at JFK
    • Minimizes the # of students required to cross Main Street.
    • 88% of the student population in the newly redistricted schools will be within the 1.5-mile walking radius

Supporting the education program for all of Randolph’s Schools

    • All Elementary Schools will offer high quality instruction
    • Adjustments to class sizes, which benefits all schools
    • Literacy as a priority will remain the goal of the district for all schools
    • Project-Based Learning training for all teachers
    • Developing innovative and specialty programming for the High School

What is the schedule for Redistricting?

    • Will be done gradually, over the next 3 years
    • Will be completed once the new Lyons @ Devine School is fully constructed and occupied
    • The School Department will make every effort to minimize impact on students and ensure smooth transition for all students across the District

Why was the Devine site chosen?

    • Both the existing Lyons and Devine sites were viable options
      • Both required some students to cross Main Street
      • The options for both schools had minimum impact on walking
    • School Committee & Town Council voted in favor of Devine site
    • The Town has experienced increases in population in North Randolph
    • The “old Devine School” building needs to be addressed

Can we move Middle School students to the High School?

    • Lyons school building needs to addressed either way
      • Does not meet current code requirements
      • Is not accessible
      • Lacks necessary teaching/learning space, etc.
    • Public surveys/focus groups conducted in previous years showed that the residents did not support the option to move Middle School students