RHS Counseling Department

Contact Us

  • 70 Memorial Parkway
    Randolph, MA 02368
    Phone (781) 961-6220 Ext.520
    Fax (781) 961-7476


  • Dawn Martens  
    Guidance Counselor A - H & AIM
    (781) 961-6220 EXT. 592

    Tiv Hok
    Guidance Counselor I - N & Multi Language
    (781) 961-6220 EXT. 514

    Geoffrey Baltera
    Guidance Counselor O - Z & ILC
    (781) 961-6220 EXT. 513

Departmental Function

  • In order to effectively support and engage in RHS's vision and student-centered approach to our Vision of the Graduate, all students will receive counseling services that meet their personal, social, emotional, academic, career, and college counseling needs. The school counselors will provide a range of timely, coordinated, and directive intervention strategies for all students, including identified and at-risk students, that support each student’s growth, success, and well-being. The school counselors will forge strong relationships with their students and guide them to identifying a career path that will be rewarding, gratifying, and aligned with their strengths, values, and interests. The School Counseling curriculum will be provided in students’ language of choice, and interpreter services are available for individual and family meetings.  In partnership with families and the community, the Student Services Counseling Center commits to create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments and experiences in which every member feels valued, included, respected, and empowered to learn, grow, and achieve to their fullest potential.