Over the last three years, educators and literacy leaders in our elementary schools have shifted everything about the way we teach children to read - data-driven instruction, instructional practices, high quality instructional materials and educator capacity. As a result of this deliberate and hard work, our data is improving, student engagement is high, and we are feeling confident! There is still more work to be done and we can feel proud that we are moving the needle and doing right by our students!! 
    Last Spring, Boston Globe journalists contacted RPS after hearing about the great work we were doing in the area of literacy. Globe staff asked to visit and spent several days in RPS schools interviewing educators, observing literacy instruction, and taking pictures and videos.  
    The Boston Globe published an ARTICLE and a COMPANION VIDEO called Lost in a World of Words.  It's a must read article highlighting the issues of equity in reading instruction and student achievement in Massachusetts. Randolph is spotlighted as a leader in this work! 



    We believe that learning is a right. Randolph Public Schools embrace the diversity of our community by building strong partnerships among students, staff and family.

    Our classrooms are incubators for innovation and social change.

    Teachers use project-based learning (multi-tiered, inclusive, culturally sustaining practices) to engage diverse learners in rigorous, meaningful and collaborative tasks.

    Students engage with high-quality, diverse and complex problems, to become critical thinkers and problem solvers to foster a love for learning and to cultivate the knowledge, skills and sense of agency to become influencers and changemakers in their community.

    As a result, students, teachers, families and the community see and feel the joy in learning.