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  • Welcome Back to another school year!

    We are so excited for the coming year and I can assure you that the entire faculty and staff at Randolph High is committed to providing a safe and welcoming school environment for your children.  We look forward to working together to create a school climate that is always respectful and reflective and honors the diversity found in our school and community.  Most importantly, the teachers and staff at Randolph High will work collaboratively with you and your child to make sure that all students are demonstrating high levels of achievement and growth; we will accomplish this goal by constantly engaging our students in learning experiences that are rigorous and relevant as they readily accept more responsibility for their own learning and development. 

    Below, please find some important school information:
    •    Students are strongly encouraged to arrive to school by 7:10 with first period classes beginning at 7:20. Dismissal is at 2:03. 
    •    Breakfast is available in our cafeteria from 6:50 to 7:10.
    •    RHS will have our annual Open House on Thursday, September 26th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. for all parents and guardians.  After a brief welcome in the auditorium, the rest of the evening will have parents and guardians spending time with each of your child’s teachers. More information will come at a later time.

    On behalf of the entire RHS faculty and staff, we eagerly look forward to meeting and working with all of you in the coming year. Indeed, our work together will ensure that each of your children – our students – fulfill our school vision: 

    Each Randolph High School student will reach their full potential by demonstrating high levels of growth and achievement in an inclusive and respectful environment that honors and celebrates our diverse community. 

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to contact me directly at 781-961-6220 x 515.


    William Conard, Ed.D.

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    Để dịch, vui lòng truy cập trang web của Trường trung học Randolph, tìm thư này và nhấp vào nút dịch ở góc trên bên phải.

    Para la traducción, vaya al sitio web de Randolph High School, busque esta carta y haga clic en el botón de traducción en la esquina superior derecha.

A.L.I.C.E. Letter to Families - October 7th, 2019

  • October 7, 2019

    Dear RHS Families:

    Over the past several years, we have seen a dramatic increase in school violence and school shootings. As the experts analyze these horrific events, it is apparent that we need to do more, not only taking steps in an attempt to prevent the event from occurring but also in training students and staff on procedures that we all need to survive an active shooter in our schools.

    If you look at what has occurred in our schools and colleges throughout the country, it is evident that if an armed intruder wants to get into any school building, there is a good chance that they probably will succeed.  The fact is, even though the Randolph School District has taken great steps in the matter of securing our school buildings, i.e. the hiring of security personnel to monitor our school buildings, installing monitored entry systems and installing of additional cameras throughout our school buildings, one question still needs to be answered. What if?

    In the past, schools across the country have answered that question with a method we call Lockdown or Code Red.  That system is designed that in the event an unauthorized person enters the school buildings or grounds, a Code Red or Lockdown alert is given, and students and staff are instructed to lock their classroom with lights out and to hide in a far corner of the classroom, while remaining calm and quiet. This is probably the procedure that you as parents followed some years ago.  However, does this answer your question?   History has shown that Lockdown is a tool that we all should use, but is it the only tool that we should be using?   The answer to that can be found by the number of students that have been killed or seriously wounded during school shootings, students that were shot and killed hiding under a desk or huddled up in a corner in a classroom, library or cafeteria.  Can we expect a fully armed person that enters our school buildings; with the intent to do harm to our children, to simply leave when they find that the classroom door is locked? Knowing what we know about active shooters in school buildings and other public places, the answer is NO. They have already made the decision to kill when they armed themselves and entered that building.

    Another known fact is that in almost all the shootings that occur in schools, the shooter usually creates as much carnage as they can in a short period of time and then kill themselves before police arrive. So, how do we give our students and staff a greater chance of surviving in an active shooter incident? We give them more tools.

    The Randolph School District has adopted a new policy and procedure that we as well as experts across the country believe will increase the chance of survival during an active shooter incident.

    This new procedure will teach our staff and students the A.L.I.C.E system. This means:

    A = Alert, Get the word out! Armed intruder in the building.  Use clear, concise language to convey the type and location of the event.
    L = Lockdown – Good starting point, we will continue to lockdown students in secure areas.
    I = Inform, communication keeps the shooter off-balance and allows good decision making.
    C = Counter, apply skills to Distract, Confuse and gain Control.
    E = Evacuate, Reduce the number of potential targets for the shooter, and reduces chances of victims resulting from friendly fire when help arrives.

    In short, using the above A.L.I.C.E. method we will teach our students and staff if an armed intruder/active shooter invades their secure area, they can:

    1.     Listen carefully to the location and type of event.
    2.     Get to and/or remain in a secure area until it is safe to evacuate
    3.     Should an armed intruder/active shooter invade their area, use/apply skills to distract, confuse and gain control.
    4.     As soon as it is safe to do so, evacuate.

    In closing, in NO WAY are we asking our teachers, students or staff to make any attempt to subdue an armed intruder/gunman outside of their secure area.  However, we will provide them the knowledge that if faced with a life or death situation, there are methods that can be used to greatly enhance/improve their chance of survival. The methods that will be taught are:
    ·       Cause distractions to interfere with the ability to shoot accurately
    ·       Cause as much chaos in the room as possible to create sensory overload
    ·       Do not be a stationary target
    ·       How to control the attacker using body weight, not strength
    ·       How to interact with responding Law Enforcement personnel

    All new students to RHS will receive this training on Thursday, 10/10. Our school will have an ALICE drill on Thursday, 10/17. Training will emphasize that the best way to survive an active shooter is to escape. When that is not possible, being mentally prepared and having been given the authority and ability to act will save lives.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me at conardw@randolph.k12.ma.us or 781-961-6220.

  • Randolph Local Education Fund (RLEF)

    The Randolph Local Education Fund (RLEF) was created twenty-two years ago to aid in funding enrichment programming for the school children of Randolph. The RLEF Committee is comprised of nine members. Eight are appointed by the Randolph Town Council based on the Town Manager’s recommendation. The ninth member is the Randolph Public School Superintendent or their designee.

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  • Back 2 School Jam Article October 3rd, 2019

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  • 2019 Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System {MCAS) scores

    the 2019 Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System {MCAS) scores have been released to the public. Over the last few years Massachusetts has changed the format of the exam and the accountability system that reports out on school and district progress. Under our new system student scores are ranked using the four classifications: exceeding expectations, meeting expectations, partially meeting expectations, or not meeting expectations.

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  • RCMS MCAS Letter to Families

    If you have questions about our school’s data, our plan for improvement, or would like to become involved in school’s improvement activities, please contact me at Wilson-akubuden@randolph.k12.ma.us or at 781-961-6432.

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  • Randolph Announces New Option for Its Schools - Community Eligibility Provision (CEP

    We are pleased to announce a new option available to our schools participating in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs – known as the Community Eligibility Provision.

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  • Massachusetts MassHealth School-based Medicaid Reimbursement Program

    The Randolph Public School system is now participating in the Expansion of the Massachusetts MassHealth School-based Medicaid Reimbursement Program...

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  • Stajez Dance Studio - Now Enrolling New Students


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  • Pest Management / Pesticide Written Notifications

    Greeting Randolph Families, Randolph Public Schools continues to upgrade its pest management plans. Since my appointment as Superintendent, I have worked with my team to bring on a new pest management company and to provide ongoing food safety and building cleanliness. The Town’s Board of Health Inspector visited our schools on August 16th and all schools passed inspection; our kitchens are open. We are posting notification of the placement of exterior bait boxes around all the schools. These bait boxes are a preventative measure to keep pests outside of our schools. We value the health and safety of your students and our staff and will continue to review the status of our facilities. Please bear with us as we continue plugging holes and cracks in our very, old buildings. Thank you. Thea Stovell Superintendent

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  • District Report Card

    Every year, each public school and school district in Massachusetts receives a report card. Just as your child’s report card shows how they are doing in different subjects, the school’s report card is designed to show families how our school is doing in different areas.

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