We believe every student is a brilliant mathematician. Randolph Public Schools embrace the diversity of our community by building strong partnerships among students, staff, and families. In our classrooms, we strive to bring joy to the learning of mathematics and build mathematically proficient students who apply mathematics in the real world.

    In our classrooms, students will:

    • Build positive mathematical identities Have confidence in themselves as mathematicians
    • Be prepared to meet the demands of college and career readiness
    • Have access to a high-quality rigorous (conceptual understanding, procedural skill, fluency, application) mathematics program that is connected to the real world
    • Use multiple strategies to engage in rich tasks that facilitate: Exploration, Critical thinking, Student discourse, Justifying answers and/or asking appropriate questions, Deepening conceptual understanding.

    In our classrooms, teachers will:

    • Create a space for play and exploration
    • Support productive struggle in learning mathematics
    • Deliberately check for understanding throughout the lesson and adapt the lesson according to student understanding
    • Pose purposeful questions and implement tasks that allow student choice and interactions that promote reasoning and problem solving 
    • Use a variety of data sources to inform instructional decisions and curriculum/program improvement and to provide feedback to students
    • Celebrate the unique contributions of our students



    Laura Ottaviani - K - 12 Math Coordinator
    Richard Duseau - Secondary Math Instructional Coach 
    Tracy Ellertson - Elementary Instructional Coach
    Shalem Livingston - Elementary Instructional Coach