High Quality Teaching and Learning

  • The vision of Randolph Public Schools is to engage all individuals in a respectful, caring, and equitable environment, to become life-long learners who are innovative and collaborative leaders of a global society. The Randolph Public Schools believes that all children can learn if provided with high quality instruction and equitable time, tools, and support. Our goal is to ensure that every student meets or exceeds standards in all subject areas. We do this by providing students multiple ways to learn, designing learning that is challenging and engaging, and providing additional support where needed.

    Student Learning Experiences:

    • Make accommodations for all differences so that the best opportunities are the equitable for all
    • Provide choice in product, process, and content 
    • Are relevant, rigorous, project-based and supported by culturally relevant materials, resources, experiences and texts  
    • Connect prior knowledge and new knowledge and extend beyond the classroom through service learning and community development
    • Utilize cognates and literacy skills in students’ native languages to support understanding of the material in a deeper manner
    • Are real-world and build 21st century competencies

    The Learning Environment:

    • Is organized, welcoming, clean and neat with adequate space for varied student groupings
    • Is print-rich, cognitively stimulating, and supports learning through the usage of current anchor charts, word walls, graphic organizers and posted current student work
    • Is extended beyond the classroom by using the community and field experiences as learning environments that extend and complement learning beyond the classroom
    • Is culturally relevant representing the students and families’ lived experiences 

    Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment:

    • A consistently implemented, aligned curricula that articulates well-defined outcomes with a focus on depth of understanding 
    • A cohesive curriculum plan with social-emotional learning embedded throughout lessons 
    • Content objectives are explicit, student friendly, based on grade level work and product based 
    • Language objectives are explicit, student friendly and support the learning of the content 
    • A variety of assessment practices are incorporated in the lesson plans to give students multiple opportunities to show their understanding of the material
    • Purposeful group interaction is planned so that students at different levels of proficiency (academic, language, social-emotional) can participate in challenging activities
    • Is structured around a framework to support the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral competence of all students 
    • Learning opportunities will be Universally Designed for Learning giving all students an equal opportunity to succeed and offering flexibility in the ways students access material, engage with it and show what they know. 
    • All learners can access and participate in meaningful, challenging learning opportunities.  

    Randolph Public Schools believes in powerful teaching and learning by promoting equitable teaching practices through innovative and engaging preK-12 curricula, recruiting and retaining high quality educators, and building family and community partnerships that support student achievement