“Connect-Ed” Telephone and Email System

  • Connect-Ed is an automatic telephone calling and email system that RPS uses to contact families of students and RPS staff. We use it to quickly communicate important information such as school emergencies, reminders about events, deadlines and more. The system pulls your most up-to-date- contact information from our student information system, PowerSchool.  It is very important you give any changes to your contact info (phone and/or email) and address changes to your student’s school main office and the Family Resource Center. You may receive Connect-Ed calls from your child’s school, the Family Resource Center, the Special Education Office, or the Superintendent’s Office.

    Email is a universal way to communicate with parents, students, and within our school district. An email is messages distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network. Every member of the Randolph Public Schools (staff and students) receives an email account. The email account, in many cases, will be what connects the students to outside educational resources used by the district for educational purposes.  Students under grade 11 are not permitted to send emails outside of the organization due to district policy.  Our 11th and 12th grade are permitted for uses of communicating with potential colleges and universities.  Our staff members are able to use email to communicate with parents, other RPS staff members, and outside the organization.  All emails are property of the Randolph Public Schools. 

    IMPORTANT: Contact the school AND the Family Resource Center if your phone number or email address changes!