Family School Partnership

The School Connection

  • Family engagement plays a key role in helping students succeed in school and in developing a sense of pride in the school community. The Randolph Public Schools (RPS) is committed to helping schools, staff, families, students and the community to establish active partnerships that strengthen student learning and improve schools.

    The Office of Family and Community Relations and Communication works with all RPS schools to build the capacity of families and school staff, to organize School Site Councils and plan activities to engage families in their children’s learning. Special attention is given to families of English language learners and families who have children in special education programs.

    Here are some examples of activities that schools offer to engage families in student learning:

    • Parent-teacher conferences
    • Workshops on the subjects your child will learn and how to help your child prepare for tests
    • Special events, such as Math and Literacy Nights
    • Parent-Teacher Organization and School Site Council (SSC)
    • Opportunities to volunteer—in classrooms, fundraising   activities and fun events

Every Randolph Public School is expected to:

    • Set aside space to accommodate parent meetings, in an   environment where resources including computers, internet and more are readily available
    • Respond promptly to questions and requests from parents/ guardians

Family Engagement and Title I

  • Under the federal Title I act, all schools that receive Title I funding must have a written Parent Involvement Procedure, developed with and approved by parents. This procedure should spell out how parents will be involved as partners in their children’s education.

    In addition, every Title I funded school must develop a Home-School Compact, which is an agreement that defines the responsibilities that administrators, students, teachers and parents will undertake to improve student achievement. Copies should be sent to participating K-2 parents for signature.

The Parent-Teacher Organization

  • All schools have a Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) or Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO). The purpose of the PTO is to bring all parents in the school community together to support the school and advocate for quality education. As the parent or guardian of an RPS student, you are automatically a member of your PTO. The PTO works with the school principal and staff to sponsor events, solve problems and raise funds for special school activities.

Parent Advisory Board

  • We believe strong parent and school partnerships are a key factor in helping to support academic success for students within our district. Accordingly, the Superintendent has formed a Parent Advisory Board (PAB), which meets once per month at the Administration Building for the purposes outlined below.

    PAB Purpose Statement:

    1. The PAB will work with the Superintendent to examine performance on district goals;
    2. The PAB will support programming in relation to the RPS Mission and Vision Statements;
    3. The PAB will assist their respective school principal in developing and/or supporting the principal’s own School Site Council; and
    4. The PAB will participate on their respective school’s Site Council and work closely with the principal or designee.

The School Site Council

  • The School Site Council is the advisory body at each school. The School Site Council is comprised of equal numbers of parents and staff. Parents on the School Site Council are accountable to the entire parent body and are elected by parents of the school.

    The School Site Council’s work includes but is not limited to:

    • Helping the principal develop a parent engagement plan
    • Serving on personnel subcommittee for new staff
    • Reviewing the School Improvement Plan
    • Reporting back to parents at regular school-wide parent meetings

    About the School Site Council

    • All schools must have a School Site Council (SSC).
    • The School Site Council (SSC) is made up of parent representatives, teachers, the principal and associate members. High school councils also have a student member. 

    The number of parents equals the number of professional educators (including the principal).

    • Parent representatives on the SSC are elected based on the SSC by-laws. Elections are held by October 18 each year.
    • The School Site Council:
    • Reviews the School Improvement Plan
    • Provides feedback on the budget for discretionary spending (budget items that aren’t “locked in”)
    • Helps develop plans to increase parent involvement
    • Makes recommendations about procedural changes that will have a major impact on the school community
    • The parent representatives on the School Site Council must report back to the larger parent body.  This can include a PTO meeting.
    • School Site Council meetings are open to all parents and the public as observers

Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)

  • The Randolph Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC), is a volunteer organization which serves as a resource and advisor to parents of children with special needs, from preschool to high school.  SEPAC works with the school district administration to identify areas of need and act in an advisory role to the district.   Membership is open to all parents and guardians of  students with special educational needs, or anyone interested in the special educational needs of children in Randolph.

    For more information, contact the Director of Special Education and Student Services at (781) 961-6237.

English Learner Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC)

  • Similar to the SEPAC, the RPS has a group for parents whose first language is not English: the English Learner Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC). The purpose of this council is to address needs concerning second language learners and their families. Parents also serve in an advisory capacity to support the school and district administration in improving its cultural competency by determining how best to support parent and school collaboration when language and culture may be an initial barrier to communication.

    Contact the Director of ELL at (781) 961-6220 ext. 535 for more information.

The Family Resource Center

  • The Randolph Public Schools Family Resource Center (FRC) offers many services for families. Visit the FRC to:

    • Register new students for school;
    • Fill out a change-of-address form if you move;
    • Obtain and submit a work permit application; and
    • Pick up information about schools and other resources available to Randolph families.

    For more information, contact the Family Resource Center at (781) 961-6247.