District Administrative Offices Contact Information

  • The school district’s administrative office is located at 40 Highland Avenue, Randolph, MA. Members of the district administrative leadership team include:

    Superintendent’s Office - 781-961-6200
    Thea Stovell, Superintendent 
    Dr. Judy A. White, Executive Assistant

    Assistant Superintendent - 781-961-6200
    Dr. Amy Hartley-Matteson, Assistant Superintendent
    Melissa McGrath, Executive Assistant

    Student Services/Special Education - 781-961-6237
    Alpha Sanford, Director, Special Education and Student Services
    Amy Drummey, Executive Assistant, ext. 572
    Kim Duane, Student Service Coordinator, ext. 570
    Dr. Marie-Juanita DiGioia, Special Education & OOD Coordinator, ext. 578
    Maria Tilden, Administrative Assistant, ext. 562
    Jackie Massey, Administrative Assistant, ext. 573

    Language Acquisition and World Languages - 781-961-6220, ext. 535
    Hana Walsh, Director of Language Acquisition and World Languages & the Family Resource Center (FRC)
    Evelyn Morales, World Languages Administrative Assistant - 781-961-6220, ext. 535
    Regina Federle, Registrar, FRC - 781-961-6247, ext. 558
    Clara Bernardino, FRC Administrative Assistant - 781-961-6247, ext. 540

    Information Technology (IT) - 781-961-6251
    Osiris Gonzales, Director of IT
    John Sweeney, SIS Manager
    John Monaghan, Application Support Analyst

    Human Resources - 781-961-7477
    Sean Walsh, Director of Human Resources
    Barbara McDonough, Executive Assistant
    Melissa Woods, Administrative Assistant

    Finance Office - 781-961-6207, ext. 112
    Dr. Carlos Colley, Director of Finance
    Charlene Amancio, Executive Assistant
    Tanya Holland, Finance Manager, ext. 102
    Eileen Dole, Payroll Clerk, ext. 104
    Elecia Lewis, Account Clerk, ext. 103

    Facilities Department - 781-961-6220
    Joseph Sexton, Assistant Director of Facilities

    Food Services – 781-961-6236
    Stacia Fritz, Director of Food Services
    Sharon Swain, Administrative Assistant

    Grants Management – 781-961-6207
    Stephen Gould, Grants Manager

    Transportation Department – 339-216-8872
    Trish O’Meara, Interim Coordinator of Transportation
    Jim Evangelho, Administrative Assistant
    Julie Kabilian, Dispatcher