Message from the Superintendent

  • Welcome back!  I hope you had an enjoyable summer. As the new school year begins, we continue to navigate through this COVID-19 pandemic. It is more important than ever that we all follow the expected rules of behavior. This guide serves as a resource to identify expectations for behavior and the consequences for not meeting these expectations. Our goal is to move forward with stronger learning practices to engage students, stimulate their thinking, and support their social-emotional development. This school year brings new innovation with personalized learning, increased science inquiry and experimentation, and innovative digital platforms that provide a variety of academic options. We continue to work hard to ensure that our students and your children receive quality education and are well supported.

    Our work will continue to be guided by our Core Values: We C.A.R.E.: Equity, Excellence, and Innovation, which we believe will result in outstanding achievement for all Randolph students. Our goal is to ensure success for all students through:

    1) Continuous Reflection and Improvement, 2) Academic Excellence and Innovation, 3) Respectful and Responsible Relationships, and 4) Engaged and Equitable Community.

    Families are our most important partners in accelerating student achievement. We are committed to hearing your voice and making sure that you are informed. As part of that commitment, we are pleased to present this Guide to the Randolph Public Schools. It is full of information about our schools and about the importance of your family’s involvement in your child’s education.

    Please read it and save it. You will want to refer to it throughout the school year. You can also access it on our website as often as you need to.

    Why is this Guide important?
    First, this guide explains many of the procedures that affect students: for example, the roles of all school community members and expectations for maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for students and staff. It also explains the process for reporting concerns.

    Second, it describes the many ways families can support their children’s learning at school and at home. Third, it describes the many rights that are guaranteed by law to students and their parents/guardians: for example, the right to be treated equally regardless of race or disability, the right to participate in school decision-making, the right to know the qualifications of the child’s teacher and the right to privacy regarding student records. It also advises parents, guardians and students about what to do if they think their rights may have been violated.

    Finally, it has directories of RPS schools and offices, a checklist for solving problems, educational resources for families and the school-year calendar.

    School-Based Rules
    In addition to state and federal laws and the district’s Code of Conduct, each school has its own set of procedures and expectations. Your principal will give you a copy of school procedures and expectations within the first eight weeks of school.

    All our procedures and rules have only one goal…
    …to help every student achieve high academic standards in a safe, respectful, positive learning environment. With your support and involvement, we can help all our students reach that goal.

    Randolph Proud,

    Thea Stovell
    Superintendent of Schools