Appointment Based Special Education Testing

What to Expect

  • ➢     Prior to testing you will be contacted by the evaluator to schedule your child’s testing session. 

        On the day of your child’s scheduled testing session, the evaluator  will call you prior to you bringing your child to the designated testing site to ask screening questions regarding your child’s health before your child can exit the car to enter the school building. 

    Screening Questions:

    1. Are you or your child feeling sick or exhibiting any of the following symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell)?
    2. Have you or your child been confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19?
    3. Have you or your child potentially been exposed to someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19?
    4. Have you or your child traveled/returned within the last 14 days from a state with high COVID cases (Florida, New York, Texas, California)? 

    If the answer is yes to any of these questions, the assessment must be rescheduled.

         Once the evaluator has asked the screening questions, your child can exit the car and proceed into the school for the testing session. 

    Upon arriving at the designated testing site, your child will be required to wait in the lobby area or outside the main entrance for the evaluator to let your child into the building. Parents may escort their child to the main entrance; however, they will not be permitted into the school building.

        Both your child and the evaluator will be required to wear a mask/ face covering that covers their nose and mouth for the duration of the testing session. One of the exceptions to this will be if your child has a medical condition preventing them from using a mask. If this is the case, please let the evaluator  know this ahead of the testing session. 

    Other exceptions to the mask/ face covering requirements include:

    ○      During evaluation procedures that allow the evaluator to maintain 6 feet of distance without interfering with standardized testing procedures.

    ○      During subtests whereby the wearing of a mask/ face covering may interfere with the child’s ability to comprehend the evaluator or the evaluator’s ability to comprehend the child.

        During the testing session, your child and the evaluator will be seated at a table directly across from each other. For added safety and protection, a plexiglass shield will be placed in the middle of the table.

        Prior to the testing session, care will be taken to ensure that any testing materials to be handled by your child (i.e. manipulatives, writing utensils, etc.) are properly cleaned and sanitized.

        During the testing session, your child will be permitted to take breaks as needed; however, your child will be required to remain in the testing area during this time. Mask/ face covering breaks will also be permitted at this time as long as 6 feet of distance is maintained between the child and the evaluator.

        During the testing session, your child will have access to the students' restroom. Efforts will be made to have only one student use the restroom at each time. High traffic areas and restrooms will have surfaces disinfected several times a day and particularly before/after transition periods.

        Depending on the anticipated length of the testing session, your child may wish to bring a snack and a bottle of water. For testing sessions that extend through the lunch hour, your child is encouraged to bring a bag lunch, which he/ she will be permitted to eat outside (with supervision and weather permitting) 

    The evaluator will determine an agreed upon pick up time with you. 

    Upon arrival to pick up your child, please wait in your car and the evaluator will escort your child outside.