• April 17, 2020

    Dear Randolph Community,

    This is a challenging time for our Randolph community. COVID-19 is seriously impacting our community and the illness and loss is personal. Many in our town are struggling, seriously affecting our families and children with unexpected stressors and worries. The Randolph Public School District  would like to express gratitude and appreciation for the many first responders and essential workers that are working tirelessly on behalf of our community. As this health crisis continues to become more serious daily, our focus remains first and foremost on the safety and well-being of our community. 

    On March 23rd Randolph Public Schools began our first phase of remote learning. For the last four weeks we have worked hard to ensure our students have devices, families and students know how to access the learning, and that we are providing routine and connection to students. On April 21, 2020 we move into the second phase of our Remote Learning Plan. 

    Get engaged, stay engaged...Everyday.  We need your help. 

    Many RPS educators are parents too, we understand the challenge of helping your children with remote learning, especially during these stressful times. Currently, about 50% of Randolph students are actively engaged in learning. It’s important that every student participates as much as possible in the learning experiences provided by RPS educators. Everyday your child should spend time checking their learning platform (Google Classroom, Bloomz, DOJO, Remind, etc.) and completing assignments. Regularly, teachers will have short sessions of “Live” time to interact with students. Attending these sessions are vital to maintain connection, continue learning, and stay actively engaged in school. End of the year report cards will be measured largely on effort and participation. While “school” may look different, attendance and engagement is just as important in remote learning as it was when we went to school in buildings each day.   

    The RPS Remote Learning Plan includes the following components:

    • Daily schedules posted daily by 9am for all students structuring approximately half the length of a regular school day (to include specials and academic electives)
    • Special education, related services, and interventions will be provided to all qualifying students
    • Learning opportunities that are “live” and happen at a certain time on a certain platform. This time and virtual place will be communicated in advance. 
    • Learning opportunities that can happen at flexible times
    • All students will receive educator feedback on learning activities (assignments, projects, etc.)
    • Posted office hours and “Live” teaching time for staff members to interact with students and families

    RPS educators will be communicating schedules of “live” sessions meant to provide an opportunity to connect, continue learning, and be engaged. These “live” sessions may use video call media such as Zoom or Google Meet. Recently the media has shared stories of security breaches within video calling platforms. Zoom and Google Meet have added many controls that maintain privacy and security during live sessions. RPS educators are following the Attorney General’s guidelines around safe video conferencing practices. Some important video call practices are to have a set space to sit that’s quiet (whenever possible), to be on time and ready for school (appropriate dress, materials, etc.), and to be respectful of others. Keep in mind, you and your surroundings can be seen. Please help us maintain a safe and secure learning environment by reminding your child(ren) and family members of the video call expectations at the end of this letter. 

    We are here to help. 

     If you feel your child has too much work or not enough, if you do not understand what your child should be doing, if you cannot access the virtual platforms you need to, and/or if you have any other concern, please do not hesitate to reach out. Email your child’s teacher or principal or call or text (339)987-2439 and leave as much information as possible for us to help you. Of course, we understand that there are times students will not be able to complete assignments and engage in “live” sessions. Know that we understand families are doing their very best.  When schools reopen, we will be prepared to support students with the impact of COVID-19 on learning and growth. We are in this together and working hard to support every child and family in Randolph. 

    Please see the additional helpful information on Randolph Public School’s most recent Frequently Asked Questions document posted on our website. Building principals will follow up next week with detailed information from each school regarding assessment, schedules and more. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out. 

    The community of Randolph is being hit hard by COVID-19; it is an anxious time for many. We encourage you to take time each day to talk with your children and share feelings, to find positives to think about and future events to look forward to, and to care for yourself and each other. Resources to help with talking with supporting your child’s social emotional health can be found HERE under the “Behavioral/Social Emotional” Section. Randolph is an incredible community and we will get through this together



    Thea Stovell 

    Amy Hartley-Matteson
    Assistant Superintendent