• April 18, 2020

    Dear RHS Students and Families:

    On behalf of all Randolph High educators and staff, we hope this email finds you and your family well and safe. We know this letter comes to you at an incredibly challenging time; our daily lives have been disrupted like never before and many families are experiencing hardships on many levels. Please know that all of us at RHS will continue to do everything we can to support and educate our students while we remain in a remote learning situation.

    When we closed schools on March 13th, we originally had hoped schools would reopen on April 7th and then that date was changed until May 4th. Unfortunately, it seems likely that this date might be extended again. In response to the school closure, the Randolph Public Schools created a Remote Learning Plan (RLP). Though the RLP focuses on supporting and educating students in a remote learning situation, it is not designed to replicate academic learning and conditions that occur when students, teachers and staff come together in the physical classrooms and offices of RHS. Instead, we hope to reinforce critical learning standards and skills and, when possible, advance our curriculum with essential concepts and skills. Please note that all students are expected to actively participate in the RLP and teachers will assess students’ work and performance during this time of remote learning (see below for more information).

    The letter below is the longest I have ever written in 15 years as a principal. Its length is necessary, however, as it addresses many topics that are very important to our students and school during this unprecedented school closure. We will be sharing this document in many different ways to ensure that all students and families have a chance to understand its contents; we thank you in advance for carefully reading it. If you have any questions about anything shared in this letter, please reach out to the appropriate teacher, staff member, and/or administration.

    RPS/RHS Remote Learning Core Beliefs

    Each day our students will read, write, think, problem solve, wonder, play, and laugh

    Quality over Quantity

    Relationships over Rigor

    Patience before Programs

    Love before Lessons

    Engage with Equity

    Learning on and off screen

    Do the Right Thing before Doing Things Right


    Completion and Assessment of Work

    During the school closure, it is an expectation that all students will engage in their school work to further their education and stay connected with their teachers and classmates.

    In the next few days, all students and families will receive a second document entitled “RHS Remote Grading Expectations” which will explain all of the expectations for student work and how it will impact their course grades and credits.

    Daily Schedule

    High school students are expected to engage in four hours of learning a day. This time averages out to 170 minutes of work for each of the seven classes a week. {240 minutes (4 hours) of student learning per day X 5 days = 1,200 total minutes divided by 7 classes = 170 minutes per class/per week}

    Each course will have one, 25 minute live teaching session each week that you must attend (see schedule below). All other learning and completion of assignments can be done whenever is convenient for you but must be completed and submitted by the deadline provided by your teacher


    It is expected that all students will attend the 25 minutes live teaching session for each course once a week following the RHS schedule for Periods/Blocks 1-7. Students will not be assessed on their attendance but should make reasonable attempts to attend based on new material being introduced and/or discussed and you will have an opportunity to stay connected with your teacher and classmates. RHS will contact parents/guardians if student misses two live teaching sessions.

    Final Exams

    There will not be any final exams at the end of school this spring.

    Grade Point Average (GPA)

    For this year only, all grade point averages (GPA) for students will be based on first semester grades only. No work done during the Remote Learning Plan will count towards a students’ GPA.

    Grades/Report Cards/Transcripts

    Student work is necessary to meet the Remote Learning Grading Expectations (i.e. the completion of class assignments). Students will receive a grade and credit for the course if the student passes the course. Course credit is critically important for overall learning, growth with key skills and concepts, graduation requirements, transcripts, college admissions, and promotion to the next grade.

    In the next few days, all students and families will receive a second document entitled “RHS Remote Grading Expectations” which will explain all of the expectations for student work and how it will impact their course grades and credits.

    Office Hours/Academic Support

    All teachers will continue to be available everyday for 30 minutes of office hours. This time gives you and your teacher (and other students) an opportunity to say hello, ask questions, clarify expectations, and/or just catch up.

    Office hours are listed on each teacher’s Google Classroom. Some office hours may conflict with other office hours or with responsibilities you have at home. Please connect with the teacher directly to set up a different time that is convenient for both of you.


    Advanced Placement Testing

    For students enrolled in AP courses, the College Board will administer the AP exams. Students will take their exams at home per College Board regulations. Your teacher should be communicating with you about the exam and we have also started an AP Google Classroom where the most updated information is being shared. Please reach out to your teacher to learn about how to join the Google Classroom if you haven’t joined yet. (AP class code: gur5aw6.)s code

    Athletic Activities

    At this time, there are no athletic activities. If schools re-open, you will receive information on how you can join the spring sports teams.


    All communication at this point should be done by email whenever possible. You can find email addresses for all staff on our website. Also, we have created a school-wide Remind group. Please ask your teacher or Ms. Burke (burkeju@randolph.k12.ma.us) for the code to join.

    For those of you who do not know how to join Remind, here are the steps:

    • • Text the phone number 81010
    • In the message type the code @6e38ec
    • • You will receive a text back to then confirm your name/joining the class

    As a reminder, no actual phone numbers are exchanged.

    Community Service

    All community service requirements have been cancelled for this year. Seniors will not need to complete any other CS hours to graduate. All other students will only need to complete 45 hours to meet the graduation requirement and all hours completed this year will count towards next year’s requirements.

    Contact Information

    We want to make sure you are getting all updates and new information. To do this, we need to make sure your contact is as accurate as possible. Please send any email or phone contact information to Ms. Benson bensont@randolph.ma.us or Ms. Davis davisp@randolph.k12.ma.us so we can update our student database which is what we use when we communicate to students and families.


    Our guidance counselors and social workers have regularly scheduled office hours and they are also available to schedule phone calls or schedule online meetings if this is necessary for any students and/or families. Please email your counselors directly if you’d like to schedule a time to talk or have questions.

    Course Registration & Scheduling

    Before going virtual, counselors met with students in grades 9-11 to review and select courses for next year. This work has continued over the last four weeks as counselors have continued to reach out to students and families to finalize course selections. We will continue with the normal process of building our master schedule for next year and will continue to remain in contact with families throughout the process.

    Credit Pending

    All credit pending expectations have been cancelled for the year as there is no way for students to make up time at school. However, please remember that students must engage in our Remote Learning Expectations in order to receive credit for the course.

    Extracurricular Activities

    At this time, no extracurricular activities will take place.


    There will be no MCAS testing this year, even if school was to re-open. We are awaiting final word from the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education about what the future plans are around MCAS. As soon as we have that information, we will share it.


    Recent communications from the College Board stated that all SAT testing through June has now been cancelled. They are very aware that current juniors will need to take these exams as they apply to colleges next year. College Board will be sharing their plans as soon as they are finalized. Once we receive this plan, we will forward it to all RHS families.

    Senior Activities

    At this point, no senior activities (i.e. scholarship night, prom, barbeque, graduation, etc.) have been cancelled. If the school closure extends beyond the dates of those events, we will make every effort to develop a plan to offer our graduating seniors a meaningful and memorable experience by rescheduling and/or finding alternative means. We have been in constant communication with our senior class advisors as well as the student class officers and representatives. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to them to share.

    Technology Support

    If you need technology support with devices or wifi access, please contact district’s IT department via email, text or calls: techprob@randolph.k12.ma.us or TEXT or CALL 339-987-2439

    In closing, this family letter will be uploaded and translated on our school website where you can also find other important information to support you and your family during this time. We are committed to keeping the strong connections and relationships that have already been established earlier in school this year. I want to also take a moment to recognize and thank all of the outstanding educators and staff at Randolph High who have been working very hard to support and educate your children the best we can. They have entered this new work with tremendous care and they have been incredibly flexible, hard-working, and patient as they have helped to create and make the most of our remote learning experience. Now, more than ever, the health and success of the young men and women of RHS will depend on all of us working together as a truly engaged and inclusive community.

    Please reach out to us with any questions or comments at any time.

    Be well.

    William Conard

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