• Dear Randolph families, 

    Since March 23rd, RPS special education teachers, related service providers and staff have been working diligently to provide you and your children remote special education services, remote learning, access to technology, and resources that you need.  Our dedicated educators have also been connecting with you over the past two weeks. If you have not been in contact with a staff member, please contact your child/children’s Assistant Principal and/or the Team Facilitator/Team Chair immediately at the information provided below so that we can contact you.

    With the school closure now extended until May 4th , the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has issued guidance to all school districts regarding the provision of special education and related services to support, review and maintain students’ current levels of progress to the extent that schools can. 

    We acknowledge that it is not feasible to fully implement any child’s IEP through remote learning, however, , it is our utmost intention to work with all of your children in providing the best possible instruction and services to the extent we can during these difficult times.

    By now, your child/children’s teacher has provided a schedule including office hours that may include morning/afternoon meetings, daily check-ins, community meetings, etc. Your child/children’s schedule will continue to include the following components: 

    • Live Learning Sessions/Meetings/Services happen when a teacher or a related service provider conducts a “live” session at a specific time of the day. This can be in the form of Google Hang Out, Zoom Meetings, Quick Time, or any other platforms used to engage your child/children in a discussion, review the materials, read aloud books and participate in the lesson presented.
    • Prepared Learning Sessions/Meetings/Services can be in the form of a recorded video of instruction or service that your child/children’s teacher or related service provider has prepared. It can also be in the form of a lesson in Google Classroom, Class Dojo, uploaded video on Youtube or another similar platform.
    • Self-directed learning activities are provided by the teacher or a related service provider that your child/children can do independently. These activities are meant to provide additional learning and enrichment activities to keep their minds active.
    • Resource Interventions and Supports are included in your child/children’s remote instruction and services. These supports and intervention supports are created by RPS special education teachers, related service providers, social workers, reading specialists and other special education staff. These are provided in the form of learning packets, list of interventions uploaded on Google Classroom, regular check-ins that continue to encourage your child/children’s access to remote instruction.  
    • Telephonic Services happen when a related service provider conducts a session via telephone. This can be in the form of Google voice, cellphone, or a regular phone to continue to support, maintain and review the specific skills that your child/children require/s.
    • Office Hours are specific days and times when teachers and related service providers are available for consultation or instruction.

    For Special Education students  

    (1.) Students in the Full Inclusion/Partial Inclusion (PK-12):  Remote instruction and services will be provided by the General Education teachers with their Special Education (SPED) teachers providing additional support through provision of accommodations and modifications. Related Service Providers will also provide supplemental materials/strategies/activities for your child/children.  SPED teachers and related service providers will provide regular check-ins with the students.

    (2.) Students in the Sub Separate (PK-12:)   Remote instruction and services will be provided by the SPED teachers and related service providers. In addition, students who require more support have been provided with “learning packets”. SPED teachers and related service providers will provide regular check-ins with the students.

    (3.) Post-Graduate students
    :  Remote instruction services will be provided by Triangle. Please see the following information from Triangle.

    “Triangle, Inc. is actively shifting and responding to the needs of the Randolph High School students who we serve at the day program. In response to the COVID-19 emergency, we have shifted all programming to an online format using the ZOOM platform.  This will allow us to continue to provide high quality programming and engagement five days a week for your loved ones.  Triangle will run two hours a day of online programming in addition to providing assignments to complete at home.  Every weekday morning at 9am, students will participate in a morning meeting on ZOOM to review the days activities, discuss any concerns or questions they may have around the assignments or schedules.  The second daily activity will focus on transition skill building and planning.  

    Additionally, Triangle will be providing online trainings on universal precautions, health and wellness, and nutrition from our nursing staff.  Our clinical department will be providing trainings on mindfulness and overall coping skills for the students to feel calm and secure during the current crisis.  We are working with our board of directors to bring an online speaker series to the students focusing on what their first jobs were and to provide a real world view of being employed. 

    We look forward to continuing to serve your loved ones in the Triangle Day program using our online platform for as long as needed and until we are able to serve them again face-to-face. If you should have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Herlintz Edouard, Site Manager for the Randolph Day Services program at hedouard@triangle-inc.org or at 781-243-1519.”

    (4.) Students who currently have outside contracted services through collaboratives and other outside agencies that are paid by the district such as assistive technology assessments, risk assessments, IEE (independent educational evaluation), transition assessments, vision and hearing services, etc – RPS will follow the guidance of outside agencies. RPS also expects that collaboratives and assigned agencies will make up missed services, assessments and evaluations.

    (5.) OOD (out of district) students:   Remote instruction and services, including technology support and materials will be provided by the specific OOD school. RPS will continue to communicate with OOD schools throughout this extended closure.

    (6.) Students who receive tutoring:  Please read the following information below:

    • Students who are already hospitalized - RPS will provide tutoring for those who are in a hospital education setting.
    • Students who are being tutored by RPS tutors with or without online access – RPS will provide tutoring for those who are being tutored by RPS tutors.
    • Upcoming Tutoring for both hospital setting and in-district setting – will be put in queue and RPS will assign tutors and provide tutoring services as soon and as safely as RPS is able. 

    For IEP meetings during this extended school closure, RPS  will focus on providing robust learning opportunities and engagement with students and will resume team meetings once school reopens on May 4th, 2020. 

    For Documents
    Our goal is to process as much as we can all paperwork and documents that are received in the central office to the extent we can and as safely as we can. Special education documents may include: IEP meeting notices, IEP consent forms, the entire IEP document for annual, progress, initial and re-evaluation, copies of the evaluations, IEP amendments, etc.  During these extended closure, we will do the following:

    • For upcoming IEP meetings  (for annual meetings, progress review meetings, amendments, team reconvene, re-eval, initial eval, etc)– parents will be notified by the staff to reschedule any meetings missed when school reopens. 
    • For previously scheduled IEP meetings - (for annual meetings, progress review meetings, amendments, team reconvene, re-eval, initial eval, etc)– parents will be notified by the staff to reschedule any meetings missed when school reopens. 
    • For any mails that parents send to the central office during this time – please note that if schools are closed, any parent inquiries, questions and other pertinent documents sent by parents/guardians (i.e. signed consents, signed IEP documents, request for evaluations) to the office will be stamped on the day that RPS is back in session.

    For Evaluations and Re-evaluations:  During this extended school closure, RPS will NOT conduct any IEP evaluations and/or observations that are part of the evaluation process.

    For IEP Progress Reports:   Expect to receive progress reports during this time period by either electronic copies (by email or through I-parent for RHS students) or hard copies. They may be slightly delayed but will be provided. Progress reports will reflect the data we had until March 16th and the data we will collect through remote work and instruction. If a student chooses not to or is not able to participate in remote learning opportunities, we will indicate that we do not have sufficient data to report on progress in the note sent out. 

    For Translation Services:  RPS will continue to use either the RPS Liaisons or the phone language line services to communicate with families. All notices and announcements will be provided in the first language either through phone translation services or through Google translate for written communication 

    For MCAS ALT portfolio:  The MA DESE has provided us guidance that schools do NOT need to submit the MCAS ALT portfolio by April 3. DESE will notify us at a later date with further developments about the portfolio. Per DESE, please we will NOT attempt to meet with parents/guardians to review your child/children’s portfolio and obtain a signature. Submission of a signed verification form will not be required this year.

    For Extended School Year (ESY) program:  RPS will provide more guidance in the upcoming weeks regarding extended school year services.

    For Eligibility on Additional Services:  During this extended school closure, services will be provided differently than when schools are in full session. Therefore, RPS anticipates receiving further guidance from the MA DESE regarding additional services before schools re-open in accordance with any further advice on this topic from USED.

    For Mandated Reporting:  RPS staff will continue to be legally obligated to report suspected abuse during school closures.

    For Parent Permission/Terms of Remote Learning and Service:  Please see the following statement that RPS staff will be referring  prior to the start of a live instruction or service:

    “By participating in this audio and/or video conferencing service as part of your student’s remote learning plan, you consent to the use of the Remote Learning by Audio and Video Conferencing technology, tools, and services and acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to all of the above requirements and restrictions.

    1. Students and parents/guardians must not save, record, share, or post this session or any copies, recordings, materials, or photographs of/from this session.
    2. Students must treat each other with respect and must obey school rules at all times.   The student code of conduct applies to all remote learning sessions.  Students may be disciplined consistent with the student code of conduct for violating school rules during these sessions.  Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of the provided services and programs.
    3. The District reserves the right to remove a student from a session for inappropriate behavior or conduct.
    4. During online instruction, information regarding students and/or their voice, image and writing may be shared with other students (e.g., group chats, shared assignments, video feeds) who are participating in the session.  However, the District has taken steps to ensure that a student’s record information in its possession is maintained in accordance with applicable laws.
    5. The District assumes no liability and makes no representation regarding the quality of the audio or video conferencing service used.
    6. The District has in good faith attempted to ensure that audio and video conferencing platforms that are compliant with FERPA, CIPA, COPPA and all other applicable federal and state laws.  The District will take all reasonable measures to preserve your privacy and the privacy of the student, and each of our educators will continue to maintain the privacy of student record information.  Parents/guardians waive any and all claims against the District related to the use of these third-party vendors to provide audio and/or video conferencing services.
    7. Parents/guardians and students should be aware that they can be observed by the educator and by other students and may elect to disable the camera feature. If you or your parents DO NOT AGREE to these rules and terms, please disconnect from this session.” 

    For Contact Information please refer to the following point person/s below for any questions you may have: 

    For Additional Resources and Guidance for families please read the following information below: 

    Thank you and hang in there! We will all get through this.


    Alpha Sanford, M.Ed, CAGS
    Director of Special Education and Student Services