• Dear Randolph School Community, 

    Governor Charlie Baker extended statewide school closures in Massachusetts through May 4th to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As we get closer to May 4th we expect an update on the reopening of Randolph Public Schools. Attached to this communication please find a letter to families from Jeffery Riley, Commissioner of Education, in multiple languages.

    This is a challenging time in our community. We are struggling through a health crisis that is impacting every part of our lives. We are witnessing the community coming together for the common good and taking care of each other by staying home, connecting by phone or email with those who are at risk or alone, and offering or receiving help. Randolph Public Schools have been a recipient of kindness from many including our Turner Free public Library, the Randolph Fire and Police Departments (special thanks to Commander Hamelburg for his generous donation of technology), and countless volunteers supporting the meal program.   We are continually inspired by the Randolph community and it’s spirit of kindness and care. We are in this together. 

    Randolph Public Schools is committed to the safety of our community. We know that the security provided by steady and healthy meals is essential to health and well being. During this last week Randolph Public Schools has increased our meals distribution by not only serving at our four identified sites in town (JFK, Lyons, RCMS, and RHS), but also delivering meals into several housing developments to increase accessibility for our families. Last week we served over 5,900 meals to Randolph children, and distributed over 50 Blessings in a Backpack. Please spread the word to your neighbors with children; it’s our mission to provide a healthy breakfast and lunch everyday to the children of Randolph. We are in this together.  

    The Social-emotional well being of our community is aso priority. This week our educators were tasked with making contact with each Randolph student. At this point in time, our schools have been in contact with over 90% of our 2,800+ students.  If you haven't heard from us, we likely do not have your correct contact information.  Please call your child’s school and leave your updated phone and email. We will continue to reach out to our families during this time to establish contact and maintain relationships. We are in this together. 

    We have distributed over 300 devices to those in need throughout the Randolph Community. Currently 100% of our classrooms are up and running on Google Classroom with learning experiences posted each day. In our schools 85% of our students have logged on to Google Classroom. This week we look to increase engagement of assignments and learning experiences. This is not vacation. Your child has learning to do each day in every subject. We ask that they put forth their best effort. Our intent is not to cause anxiety; if you feel the work is too much for your child or that your child needs more help please reach out to your child’s teacher. Balancing time engaged in learning with free time to play is important. 

    Keep in mind that the Google Classroom platform is accessible via smart phones. Caregivers may use this link to understand how to use Google Classroom: Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom. Teachers are available everyday to help your child. Please email your child’s teacher or techprob@randolph.k12.ma.us if you need help with a device or your child’s assignments. When emailing “techprob@randolph.k12.ma.us” please provide your name, your child’s name, your child’s teacher and school. 

    The Randolph Community has taken on the challenge of educating our students remotely. It’s important to recognize that this is new territory for our educators, our students and our parents. We stand together committed to engage our students’ brains each day. It is ok for you to feel unsure about how this will go and what to do next, we are in this together. As we do our best to design learning remotely, organize resources clearly, and connect with students regularly, we thank you for all the work you are doing at home. We have created learning experiences that ask students to wonder, think, explore, write, solve problems and imagine. We want your student to read, speak, listen and think deeply everyday. Being mindful of screentime, it is our hope that the learning experiences provided ask students to learn on and off of screens. Never before has educating the children of Randolph felt like such a team effort. We are in this together.  

    Be Well, 

    Thea Stovell

    Amy Hartley-Matteson
    Assistant Superintendent   

    Si ou genyen nenpòt ki kesyon oswa ou bezwen yon entèprèt/tradiktè sou koze sa a, tanpri souple rele Lunine Pierre-Jérôme nan 781-961-6220 Ekst. 537.

    Nếu quý vị có thắc mắc hoặc cần thông dịch viên về vấn đề này, xin vui lòng gọi Giang Bùi 781-961-6220, số máy lẻ 541.

    Si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita un intérprete/traductor sobre este asunto, llame a Aisha Boykin al 781-961-6220, ext. 581

    Se você tiver alguma dúvida sobre este assunto ou precisar de um intérprete/tradutor, por favor ligue para Regina Federle, número  (781) 961-6220, ramal 588.