The Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom

  • What is Google  Classroom?

    Think of Google Classroom (GC) as your child’s digital link to learning.

    Teachers use GC to share assignments, homework, newsletters, and much more with students AND parents!

    Getting Started

    Your child was provided with a secure login and password that is unique to them.

    Check with his/her teacher to obtain this private information OR ask them to add you as a parent via email!

    1. Click on the Google Chrome browser icon.

    Google Chrome App

    2. Type into your web address bar.

    Google Search Bar

    3. Click on SIGN IN in the upper right hand corner of the browser window.

    Google Sign In

    4. Type in your child’s email & click “next.”

    Google Address

    5. Type in your PASSWORD & click “next.”

    Google Password

    Now you’ll see that you are signed in to your Google Apps for Education account!

    Click on the 9 squares (Waffle/Rubik’s Cube) icon in the top right hand corner to see the Google Suite of Products!

    Google Apps Google APPS

    Navigating Classroom

    1. Click on the waffle button and then the Google Classroom icon.

    Google Classroom

    2. Click on the class you wish to view.


    3. Page tools (Left side)

    Page Tools

    ** High Interest for Parents

    (1) Menu of Classes
    (2) Current Class
    (3) Announcements Page
    (4) Assignments**
    (5) Teacher(s) & Classmates
    (6) Waffle Buttom (App Directory)
    (7) Your Account
    (8) Upcoming Assignments**
    (9) Updates from your teacher

    4. Assignment details

    Assignment Details

    (1) Classwork Tab
    (2) See your Grades
    (3) See Due Dates
    (4) View your files
    (5) Topics Available
    (6) Topic Headings
    (7) Assignment Title
    (8) Assignment Due Date
    (9) Assignment Status
    (10) Attached files/links
    (11) Click to View Assignments