• Dear RPS Families:

    As of Wednesday morning, March 11, 2020 the Randolph Board of Health (BOH) confirmed that there are no suspected, presumptive, or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Town of Randolph and Randolph Public Schools.  In Norfolk county, there are 22 presumptive cases of COVID-19.  We have increased sanitizing and cleaning in the Randolph Public Schools.

    Yesterday, Gov. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19. In collaboration with the Randolph Board of Health, we want to take this opportunity to update you on how Randolph Public Schools and the Randolph Board of Health (BOH) are preparing and responding to the challenge of COVID-19 in the community and the schools.

    RPS continues to consult regularly with the Randolph BOH. Please continue to refer back to the following websites: Randolph Board of Health website,MA DPH website,CDC Website.

    We are committed to remaining open and providing services to children. Our goal is to keep our community safe. With that in mind we are preparing for remote learning from home.

    Preparation for Remote Learning  

    • RPS has decided to change the professional development agenda. Our teachers and staff will be trained tomorrow on how to create Google classrooms. This application helps learning at home.
    • We will also train our students on how to access this application.
    • We are encouraging parents/guardians to check our school website under the technology tab to see what the teachers are learning and what your students will be learning. Please check the following link: https://www.randolph.k12.ma.us/Page/2337


    Accessibility Survey

    • It is very important that you update your child’s emergency contact list and your contact information.
    • We will be communicating with you and the students via parent’s/guardian’s email.
    • A survey is being sent today, by email and with your student, to find information about your access to technology at home. Here is the link to the survey in case you did not receive it: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfAkbr1GrniDj_vBbKvpXms_XXWkEUaKuK00O42nPAKQ4eWZA/viewform
    • It is very important that you complete this survey by Monday, March 16th.

    Instructional time
    Students are required to have 180 days of classroom instruction per year. We are following the guidance from DESE about instructional time: http://www.doe.mass.edu/sfs/emergencyplan/covid19.html

    School Closure
    RPS follows the recommendations of the Randolph Board of Health. There are no suspected, presumptive or confirmed cases. The current recommendation is not to close schools or the district now. If your child’s school is closed, you will receive a phone call and email the night prior to closure or with as much advance notice as possible.

    Our goal is to keep our schools open as long as possible while prioritizing the health and safety of our students, staff and community.

    If you have additional questions regarding COVID-19 or other health concerns, please contact the Randolph Board of Health directly at (781) - 961-0924.


    Thea Stovell