Senior Scholarship Meeting Handout

    • Who?
      • Scholarship Committee Advisors: Ms. Lyncee (124) and Ms. Forbes 
    • What?
      • Scholarship Book is available to inform graduating seniors of local scholarships opportunities
    • When?
      • Scholarship books will be posted on google classroom at end of meeting on Wednesday, February 10th 
      • Scholarship Application entries will be due on Friday, March 26th by 2:30PM
      • Awards Night will be held virtually on Tuesday, May 18th via zoom
    • Where?
      • Additional hard copies of the application packets, included translated versions, can be found at the main office in the high school after February break
    • Application packets must be submitted to Google Classroom (unless you are not a Randolph High School student.


    • How?
      • You must fill out an electronic application form (if applying to more than one scholarship, leave the name of the scholarship blank so virtual copies can be made and you can fill in the name later)
    • Different scholarships require different items to be submitted, but you will need copies of your qualifying statement, personal goal statement, letter of recommendation, financial need statement, transcript, resume, and an essay


    Scholarship Application Do’s and Don’ts



    • Tailor your essay to the particular scholarship. Research each scholarship and understand the values and key ideas so you can connect to them in your essays. 
    • Carefully read the instructions. You don't want your application to be turned down if you did not fill it out correctly.
    • Check your social media accounts and make sure you do not have any inappropriate content or pictures posted. They will google you!
    • Apply for scholarships in different categories.
    • Have your essays proofread by multiple people.
    • Tell the truth!
    • Stay organized and apply early
    • Be prepared with a solid essay and answers for common interview questions
    • Send the same exact essay to every scholarship you apply for. It shows that you don’t understand the purpose of the scholarship.
    • Forget your first and last name.
    • Forget to include all requested documents.
    • Keep content connected to you that might make you look unprofessional.
    • Don’t limit yourself to one type of scholarship. Balance it out, applying for any merit, athletic, and artistic scholarships you qualify for.
    • Hand in an essay that isn’t proofread at all.
    • Procrastinate and miss deadlines
    • Avoid scholarships because they require an essay or an interview