Integrated Pre-K Brochure

About RPS Pre-K

  • The Randolph Public Schools is proud to offer the young children of Randolph an opportunity for high quality, developmentally appropriate learning in a pre-k environment that encourages diversity, cooperation and kindergarten readiness. Our program incorporates a cohesive transition into Kindergarten in order to support students in taking the next step in their educational career.

    Most children participate in our inclusive, or “integrated” Pre-K model. In these language based classrooms, children of all ability levels, with and without identified special needs, are taught together in an environment that nurtures peers as partners in learning.  Research has proven that linking children of varying ability levels actually enhances the growth and development of all the children. Each of our classrooms maintains a low class size, maxing out at 15, with a Massachusetts certified teacher and at least one highly qualified paraprofessional. 

    In addition, we also have a classroom for children who require a trans-disciplinary, multi-sensory, and total language based approach. Children who require more specially designed instruction qualify for this  setting are infused with supportive services and therapies that help stimulate growth and development. It is our goal to include all children in all aspects of our program to the greatest extent possible, creating opportunities for social connections and cooperative learning. 


  • Here at RPS Pre-K we are committed to developing each child as a unique individual, approaching learning comprehensively across seven developmental domains that make up a “whole Child”: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Prewriting, Self-Help, Speech and Language and Social Emotional..

    With this focus, our teaching team has adopted World of  Wonders and Eureka Math as our school’s curriculum. This developmentally appropriate, research-based early learning curriculum is designed to prepare our youngest learners (3-5 year olds) for the academic and social demands of Kindergarten. 

    World of Wonders provides differentiated pathways in instruction in all learning domains:


    • Social-Emotional Development
    • Oral Language and Vocabulary
    • Emergent Reading
    • Emergent Writing
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Art
    • Physical Development
    • Technology




  • RPS Pre-K teachers and specialists are mandated to meet the same licensing and educational requirements set by the Randolph Public Schools. All of our teachers and specialists (OT, PT, SLP, BCBA) are experienced early childhood professionals, licensed to teach children with and without special needs.

    In addition, we have several experienced and well trained paraprofessionals in every classroom. Our paraprofessionals work with our classroom teachers and specialists to ensure low student teacher ratios. We believe all students can learn, and we work together with families to ensure student success. 

Related Services

  • Here at RPS Pre-K we have several specialists on staff who provide direct services to qualifying children and/or consultation to classroom teachers in the areas of fine and sensory motor, gross motor, as well as speech and language development. In addition, as part of the Randolph Public Schools, we also have access to the district's BCBA to help support teachers in the areas of behavioral and/or social-emotional skill development.


  • RPS Pre-K shares a full time Nurse with the JFK Elementary School. The nurse is available to consult with families and teachers about medical conditions, allergies and even promoting overall health and wellness.

RPS Pre-K Program Enrollment

  • Requirements for a Child to Attend:
    - must be 3 years old
    - a resident of Randolph

    Current School Year
    If there are open slots during the school year, they are filled through rolling admission. Please contact RPS Pre-K for program availability.

    Next School Year  Lottery
    A lottery will be held in the spring and applications will be selected randomly based on parent section and availability.

    Applications will be available in May.

Integrated Program Options

  •  Program options and rates subject to change





    Monthly Cost


    T, TH




    T, W, TH




    T, W, TH 











Are you concerned about your preschool child?

  • The Randolph Public Schools offers developmental screenings at no charge to families. These screenings are designed to identify children who may qualify for Special Education Services.

    Call the RPS Pre-K Program at 781-961-6211 ext. 521 to schedule an appointment.