Building Use Form 2021

Building Use Rules & Regulations


    • Any group wishing to rent the facilities must fill out the application form. 
    • Application needs to be approved and signed by the building principal.  If the use of the High School or Middle School athletic facility is requested, then the application needs to be signed by the athletic director. Once the request is approved, a signed copy of the application will be sent to the applicant signifying that permission has been granted.  THIS WILL BE THE PERMIT FOR THAT EVENT.
    • Full liability for any and all damages to property and injuries to persons, whether in said building or on the grounds thereof, shall be assumed by the applicant, whether said damages or personal injuries are caused by the employees or members of the School Committee or otherwise. Liability insurance policies must indicate the Town of Randolph as an additional named insured. Certified copies thereof must be submitted to the Office of the Superintendent upon approval of the use of the facilities.
    • Application should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the desired rental date. 
    • School activities, whether previously scheduled or not, shall take precedence over rentals.
    • Police details may be required for some events.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the police department and arrange for police presence.
    • The requesting organization is responsible for providing sufficient supervision of attendees. Adequate and responsible adult supervision shall be provided at all activities for youth groups using school facilities, said supervision to be present at all times during the activity. The adult in charge of the activity should be present in the facility at least fifteen minutes prior to the arrival of the participants and until the last participant has left.
    • The organization requesting permission to use the facility is responsible for keeping those attending their function or activity within the designated areas. Attendees/participants in an activity sponsored by an outside group may be excluded from the premises indefinitely if they violate the rules under which the permission to use the building has been granted. The organization requesting the use of the building is responsible for notifying all participants of which entrance they are to use. Groups using the grounds or the gymnasium are not allowed to leave sports equipment on the playground or in the gym between practices or games. The school is not responsible for any property or equipment left in the building.
    • The requesting organization is responsible for informing participants/attendees that state law prohibits smoking both within the school building and on school grounds. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED ANYWHERE INSIDE SCHOOL FACILITIES AND ON SCHOOL GROUNDS.
    • The organization renting/using school facilities will have available a facilities evacuations plan for each rented space. It may use the existing school evacuation plan for that specific area or develop its own plan, which can be implemented following an administrative review prior to the event.
    • The organization renting/using school facilities will have available during its period of use a means of emergency communication. It is recommended that at least one activity participant be CPR trained.
    • Any cancellation must be made 48 hours in advance.
    • A custodian or custodians must be present whenever school facilities are being used and paid at the salary rate set by the RANDOLPH SCHOOL COMMITTEE in its collective bargaining agreement. 
    • Billing of custodian fees will be for a minimum of three (3) hours.
    • For the use of a cafeteria kitchen, a member of the Cafeteria staff must supervise and the time shall begin before the event and end at the conclusion of the cleanup time and paid the salary rate set by the RANDOLPH SCHOOL COMMITTEE in its collective bargaining agreement.
    • Separate bills will be sent for the rental fee and any custodian fees.

    If the administration needs to cancel your event for any reason, i.e. a school event scheduled after this building use form is processed, schools closed due to snow or other emergency, credit will be given for a future event or a refund will be issued