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Our Mission

  • Randolph Public Schools is committed to helping schools, families, and students establish active partnerships that strengthen student learning and improve schools. Our office works with all RPS schools to engage families in their children's learning.

Registering Children During Closure

  • During the School closure, the Family Resource Center & Registration Office will be closed to the public, but will continue providing regular registration services wherever possible.

    Two Options for new registrations:

    1. Families are strongly encouraged to download the registration form from our website, fill them in and either scan or email them to the registration office. Our email is: . All required supporting documents should also be scanned or emailed at the same time. Please use clear pictures of original documents. Please make sure to give us a contact phone number where you can be reached.

    2. Families can complete the registration form that they printed from the RPS website, assemble all required supporting documents and use the mail dropbox in the FRC door.

    70 Memorial Parkway
    Door # 9
    Randolph, MA 02368

    Once received, families will then be contacted by the Registration staff for next steps. Each new registration received by the Family Resource Center will be acknowledged with a phone call or email. We will process all registrations in the order received. Once it is confirmed when our schools will be open, families will be contacted by schools to confirm to which school their student has been assigned.

Services We Provide

    • Resources for students, families, and schools
    • Workshops and educational opportunities for families
    • Community programs and events
    • School communications
    • Assistance to schools to increase family and community engagement