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Randolph Public Schools
40 Highland Ave
Randolph MA 02368

School Contact Numbers

RHS 781-961-6220
RCMS 781-961-6243
Donovan 781-961-6248
JFK 781-961-6211
Lyons 781-961-6252
Young 781-961-6256





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In spring/summer of 2011, the Town Council set aside funds to review our current school and town facilities.  After receiving community input, an Educational Facilities Plan (Master Plan) was created with the help of a Master Plan Sub-committee.  At this time, we again want to ensure the community is thoroughly engaged and participates in reviewing the plan.  This will assist in determining the next steps.  Please see the attached document as well as the full 456 page Master Plan.
Please click here for more information and to complete the online survey.

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Si vous ne comprenez pas cet avis, nous vous prions d’appeler Mr. Pierre Fontaine au 781- 961- 6220 à l’extension 569, Merci.
Si w pa konprann enfòmasyon sa a, tanpri rele Pierre Fontaine nan 781- 961- 6220 ekstansyon 569, Mèsi.
Si tiene cualquier pregunta de esta noticia, favor de llamar a Viana Mendes a 781-961-6220 ext. 561
Nếu bạn có thắc mắc hoặc cần thông dịch viên về điều này, xin vui lòng gọi Lê Vũ 781-961-6220, ext. 548 or Taylor Huynh ext. 548.
如果您對這份資料有任何問題或想有中文解釋,請打電話781-961-6220 内綫548Hui Ning Marsigliano蔡惠寧老師聯係。謝謝